If you’re a big fan of eating ice cream on your travels, this post is for you. We’ve put together a list of some of the best local ice cream parlours from around the world. With entries from India to Iceland, surely there is an ice cream shop that will suit your fancy.

11 of the coolest local ice cream parlours around the world

Murphy’s Ice Cream, Ireland

How does sea salt ice cream sound? I wasn’t interested when I first heard of it, but when I sampled the flavor made by Murphy’s ice cream with their own sea salt I was sold. It is delicious on its own, but also great combined with chocolate or one of the other flavors. If you are in Ireland, make sure you find your way to one of Murphy’s six locations and try a few of their unique flavors like caramelized brown bread, caramel honeycomb, or Irish coffee with whiskey.

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Local Ice Cream Parlours - Ireland

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Dan Bagby blogs at Honeymoom Always.

Fusciardi Ice Cream Parlor – Eastbourne, England

Eating ice cream on the beach is as British as that other popular beach snack, fish and chips. The best local ice cream parlour in Eastbourne, a traditional English seaside resort, made popular by Victorians is Fusciardi Ice Cream Parlor on Marine Parade. The lines can go around the block to get some of their ice cream and it’s easy to see why. It was started by a local family of Italian origin and brings the best of Italian gelato making to the British scene to get fun fusion blends like Eton Mess ice cream!

Local Ice Cream Parlours - England

Shobha George blogs at Just Go Places.

Zanoni & Zanoni / Ferrari Gelato – Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s ice cream tradition dates back to many decades ago, with one of the top 10 local ice cream parlours in the city opening in 1952, while another famous one in 1971. There are 154 ice cream parlours as of 2016, and many coffeehouses serve ice cream and gelato as a dessert.  There’s even the Vienna Ice Cream Festival to celebrate in the summer. Surprisingly, Vienna is said to be Europe’s ice cream capital, despite Italy’s more famous gelato culture. It’s because most of the ice cream parlours in Vienna were brought about by Italian ice cream makers.

Two of the more famous shops are Zanoni & Zanoni (founded 1952) and Ferrari Gelato (founded 2014). Despite the very big difference in their “experience”, these two top my favourites: Zanoni for their dark chocolate ice cream and large servings; Ferrari gelato for their matcha ice cream and freshness.

Zanoni & Zanoni also has a wide selection of ice creams, probably the most in Vienna. The branch in Schwedenplatz has a big sitting capacity within its dining area (inside and outside) – even late at night. They also have frozen yogurt and fresh fruits if you prefer more fiber in your dessert.

Ferrari gelato, despite being newly opened, has already made a name for themselves in the Viennese market. Ferrari is a self-service ice cream parlour, and although it has a smaller dining area, most of us only take our cones out, enjoying the beautiful landscape of Vienna with it in one hand.  Ferrari also serves yummy sorbet in case you are in a mood for some fruity flavor, less the cream.

Gizelle blogs at 101 Facets.

Østerberg Ice Cream – Copenhagen, Denmark

If you want to taste the best ice cream in Copenhagen, you’ll have to head a little further from the main tourist routes. When in the Danish capital, come taste the world at Østerberg Ice Cream. Owner and ice cream scientist Catherine Østerberg is also a flavor artist. With two locations in Denmark to serve you, there are delicious traditional Danish tastes like sea buckthorn, elderflower and the classic licorice. Catherine has another shop in Vietnam and brings those exotic flavors back to Copenhagen. Look for pretty pink yuzu hibiscus, red dragonfruit, soursop sorbet and more.

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Local Ice Cream Parlours - Denmark

Erin Gustafson blogs at Oregon Girl Around the World.

Apsara Ice Creams – India

India’s secretly famous ice-cream company, Apsara Ice Creams, have been delighting their customers since 1971. They make these frozen desserts using traditional wooden contraptions called “sanchas.” I absolutely love the creamy texture of their ice creams! Interesting flavours include sweet lime with almonds, orange with dried apricot, Indian kulfis in local fruit flavours, pani-puri (a savoury Maharashtrian street-food) sorbet, chikki, paan (betel leaf) and thandai (north Indian dessert). They also have a range of sugar-free ice creams for those who are diabetic.

Local Ice Cream Parlour - India

Oindrila De blogs at Oindrila Goes Footloose.

David’s Gelato – Gouda, The Netherlands

Gouda is best known for its cheese and stroopwafels, but you can’t visit this quaint Dutch city without visiting David’s Gelato parlour on Lange Tiendeweg.

When I arrived in Gouda, almost everyone I met told me I had to go there, and every time I passed, there was a queue trailing out the door. Available in a variety of flavours, the gelato is hand-crafted using locally sourced fresh fruit and fresh milk.

I treated myself to a double scoop cone with strawberry and passion fruit gelato. It was so big, it took me half an hour to eat – and it tasted amazing!

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Local Ice Cream Parlours - Netherlands

Kacie Morgan blogs at The Rare Welsh Bit.

Il Vizi degli Angeli – Matera, Italy

We’ve eaten a lot of gelato in Italy, but nothing compares to the gelato at Il Vizi degli Angeli on Via Ridola in Matera. The gelato and sorbets here are made fresh every morning – and they taste like it. We loved some of the more unusual flavours like pine nuts, bergamot, profumo di primavera (milk, thyme and lavender) and asteroide (caramel cookies with huge chunks of caramel biscuits). Order a cone with two scoops so you can try some of their heavenly combinations – pineapple with ginger is my new favourite ice cream combo ever.

What’s more, this gelateria is in one of Italy’s most exciting places. Matera, in the southern region of Basilicata, is one of the oldest cities in the world. It’s a city of caves, perched on the edge of a ravine and it’s one of the most extraordinary places you’ll ever visit.

Local Ice Cream Parlours - Italy

Clare Thomson blogs at Suitcases and Sandcastles.

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Gelarto Rosa – Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is home to Gelarto Rosa, one of our favourite ice cream shops on the planet. Located in the historic Szent István Square, close to beautiful St. Stephens Basilica on the Pest side of the city, Gelarto Rosa creates truly visually stunning ice creams and always has a steady queue outside its doors.

Its signature ice creams are sculpted to resemble delicate roses, and there is an air of romance with every scoop. The selection of flavours is mouthwatering (pear and salty chocolate is our top pick!), and the rose sculpted ice-creams look so pretty you honestly may not want to eat them!

Local Ice Cream Parlours - Hungary

Elaine and Dave blog at Show Them the Globe.

Come il Latte Gelato – Rome, Italy

My vote for the absolute best gelato in Rome goes to Come il Latte.

Come il Latte means “like milk.” And true to their name, they make creamy gelato that is decadent and delicious, with more than 40% sweet cream in every gelato flavor! (They also have several non-dairy flavors and those are wonderful as well.) Gelato artigianale at its best, Come il Latte serves up fresh, natural, flavorful ingredients in every flavor, from classics like pistachio to exotic combinations like mascarpone with biscotti.

And the kicker? You can have rich dark or white chocolate swirled around your cone before the gelato is added. Aaaand…you can have flavored whipped cream on top!

If that is not pure, sinful decadence, I don’t know what is. So make sure you visit Come il Latte when you are next in Rome!

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Local Ice Cream Parlours - Italy

Dhara blogs at It’s Not About the Miles.

Efstidalur 2 – Iceland

If you’re driving along the Golden Circle in Iceland, I recommend stopping by Efstidalur 2 for homemade ice cream. This family-run farm has been around since 1850 and over time it has grown to include horse rentals, a restaurant, ice cream barn, and bed and breakfast.

Although you can order salted caramel, white chocolate, and licorice, strawberry and vanilla were my favorites. I especially liked that Efstidalur 2’s ice cream is creamy and flavorful but not overwhelmingly sweet.

Made with local ingredients, the milk is sourced fresh from the farm’s cows. And after you’ve had your fill, go see some of the cute calves next door or admire the beautiful countryside views before hitting the road.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your visit to Iceland. 

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Local Ice Cream Parlours - Iceland

Danielle Desir blogs at The Thought Card.

The Land’s End Ice Cream Parlour – Cornwall, United Kingdom

This is one special location, topped off with very special flavours. Your setting is breathtaking, along the steep cliffs of the point that is the furthest west in the U.K. It’s the perfect place to watch the blue waves and cool down with an ice cream. The shop here is cute and sells only Kerry’s real Cornish cream ice creams – delicious! Top of my list to try were raspberry and white chocolate and the locals’ favourite, cream tea ice cream – which includes pieces of jam and toasted scone. Absolute heaven! Eat from a tub, not a cone, for the authentic experience.

Local Ice Cream Parlours - UK

Danni blogs at Live in 10 Countries.

Gelateria 3BIS

My favourite ice cream shop in the world is Gelateria 3BIS in London’s famous Borough Market. Whenever anyone comes to visit me in London, I make sure I bring them here for dessert after a stroll and graze through the food market. The gelato is incredible — creamy, luscious and available in an array of delicious, classic flavours like Eton Mess and Panna Cotta. They also have liquid chocolate literally on tap, and serve a shot of thick melted chocolate sauce at the bottom of their ice cream cones and cups. Condé Nast Traveller agrees with me, by the way, naming Gelateria 3BIS one of the best gelato shops in London.

There are actually two London branches, one just next to buzzy Borough Market, and the other on charming Portobello Road in Notting Hill (their other two branches are in Rimini, Italy!) The Portobello Road branch also serves ice cream sandwiches, with scoops of gelato served in a light brioche bun.

Maire Bonheim blogs at Temples and Treehouses.

If you’re looking for more ice cream shops to visit, check out the list of our favorite local ice cream parlours in the United States.

Pola Gelato Shop in Merida, Mexico

This unique gelato shop with two locations in Merida’s historic center is run by four creative young people from different countries. Pola’s ice cream has a delicious and creamy texture, and the intense, all-natural flavors are developed with creativity and a sense of humor. Many are inspired by traditional Mexican foods such as mazapán, tascalate (made with local red achiote paste), cinnamon, sweet potato with honey, and beans and pork (offered only on Mondays, since it’s a Yucatán dish traditionally served that day).

Best Ice Cream Shops
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