A South Beach and Miami Beach walk in the early morning is exhilarating.

It’s the best time to catch some spectacular sunrises and one of the fun things to do in Miami for couples, with a group or solo.

The total distance of this walk is about 4 miles. It can take two hours at a moderate pace, but you can stretch this out to truly absorb the beautiful surroundings.

There’s nothing better than a South Beach sunrise. And, it’s a great addition to any Miami Beach itinerary.

South Beach Sunrise, Miami Beach Walk

Start at the crossroads of 5th Street and Ocean Drive. The ocean will be right in front of you. Walk north on the beach path and enjoy the South Beach sunrise.

South Beach sunrise on Miami Beach
Sunrise on South Beach

Miami Beach Walk: Ocean Drive

Continue walking north to about 14th street along the world-famous Ocean Drive.

On 10th street you hit the Art Deco Welcome Center in the heart of the Art Deco District on South Beach.

Here you can get all sorts of valuable information on the local Art Deco architecture, historic buildings, popular restaurants, and other things to do in South Beach.

You can even book a tour, get an audio tour or continue your self-guided tour at your own pace.

And don’t forget the gift shop inside and the the public restrooms are next door.

Head back south on world-famous Ocean Drive in the opposite direction from which you came.

This is the iconic, historical district you will recognize. At night this area of South Beach is ablaze with neon lights.

But the early morning South Beach sunrise reflecting on the Art Deco buildings makes for a pretty awesome sight too.

Stop in front of the mediterraneum revival style villa of former Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, now known as Villa Casa Casuarina.

This is just one of the beautiful buildings you see on your Miami Beach walk.

Look out for others in the Art Deco style like the historic hotel Winter Haven, Leslie Hotel and The Breakwater.

There are even some building in modern styles.

One of the best things to do in this Miami Art Deco District is to have a cafe con leche in one of the popular restaurants surrounded by all the architectural history, enjoying an ocean breeze from the Atlantic Ocean.

Gianni Versace villa on South Beach - Miami Beach walk
Gianni Versace villa on South Beach

Ocean Pointe Park and Pier

Continue walking south passing the luxury high rises in the South of Fifth neighborhood until you hit Ocean Pointe Park and the man-made canal built by the United States government known as Government Cut.

One of the most impressive sights in South Beach is a close-up view of the massive cruise ships traveling through this canal to the open sea.

These are truly stunning views on your Miami Beach walk.

Ocean Point Pier
Entrance to beautiful South Point Pier

On the left is Ocean Pointe Pier extending out on the ocean.

This pier is always full of people fishing.  The pelicans, seagulls and cats eye them with anticipation of a possible meal.

Where to stay in South Beach.

The Marina

Next on your South Beach, Miami Beach walk is a newly landscaped path through Ocean Pointe Park of Miami, Florida.

Take this marina road through the park and onto the marina with yachts the size of ballrooms. On your right, you’ll pass luxury high rises some of which have sold upwards of $40 million.

Also in the area are excellent restaurants like Smith and Wollensky with outdoor seating and killer views of the South Beach sunrise. Or, the legendary Joe’s Stone Crab, in the same location since 1913.

Both of these are so good you will be talking about your meal here for years to come. Definitely worth a visit during your South Beach walk!

Luxury high rises on South Beach
Residences on Ocean Drive

Fisher Island View

As you continue on your South Beach, Miami Beach walk, on your left in the distance is Fisher Island, which according to CNN, has the zip code with the highest incomes in the country.

You can take a ferry to Fisher Island or book a tour. 

The marina road will take you back to 5th street on the northern coast and the end of this walk or you can continue walking east to where the walk began.

And there you have it! The perfect South Beach sunrise and Miami Beach walk.

For those of us that do not own yachts or live in $40 million homes, here is a list of restaurants in the area that serve really good food at mid-range prices.

Puerto Sagua. This restaurant has been around since the 60s serving authentic and delicious Cuban food.

The line to get in is a pain but worth it. Try to go at an off-time like 2 pm so the wait won’t be so long.

CAO (Cuban American Original) Simple, quick and authentic Cuban food. Another draw here is the staff. Just really nice people.

Nick’s Pizza. Authentic New York pizza on South Beach. And they deliver!

What’s nearby

If you have time, there are several interesting places to visit in this South Beach area within just a few blocks.

Espanola Way is a delightful pedestrian street with very good restaurants and interesting stores on both sides of the street.

The street is reminisent of a Spanish plaza and is great for a drink as well as a full meal. On 15th street and Washington Avenue.

Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach. Located on 19th Street and Meridian Avenue, this is a touching and beautifully designed memorial created by Holocaute survivor in 1984.

Where to stay in Miami Beach. 

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What’s your favorite activity on South Beach, Miami Beach walk?

Updated February 2024.

South Beach self-guided walk tour

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