Driving through New Zealand

New Zealand lake

Autumn 2017
Audley Travel

Boomers conquor tough Spanish trail.

September 2017
Boomer Cafe 

Ecotourism in Las Terrazas, Cuba. 

January 2017
Epicure and Culture 

Cuban food in New York City.

February 2017
Epicure and Culture 

20 Funniest Cuban Expressions

July 2018
The Matador Network 

Five Free Things to Do in NYC

Central park bridge

August 2018

Rocking the Japanese Spa Experience

Japanese lantern

February 2019
Boomer Cafe

Journey to Jordan: Travel Through Time

Faces of Jordan

January 2019
Audley Travel

What to Do in Cuba on a 2 Week Itinerary

January 2019
Living the Dream

8 Reasons to Visit Asturias, Spain

Covadonga valley

April 2019
Everything Everywhere

Cuba Highlights: The Best Places to go 

September 2018