I love funny signs from around the world.  It is yet another way to peek into a different culture and learn something about the local population.  Many of these signs reveal a biting sense of humor. Others attempt to provide helpful information to foreigners in broken English often resulting in funny and awkward translations.

Some signs might surprise and instruct as well as amuse. For example, did you know toilets around the world came in all different designs?  Large portions of the world are unfamiliar with flush toilets and don’t now how to use them because they are accustomed to perfectly functional squat toilets. Therefore, someone encountering a flush toilet for the first time may require as much instruction as someone using a sophisticated Japanese toilet. Helpful signs offering toilet use instruction are not unusual around the world.

funny signs from around the world

Some of the best funny signs from around the world revolve around rest-rooms; sophomoric humor, yes, but still funny.   Others include odd menu translations, bizarre admonitions and confusing warnings.  Attempts at humor, especially by local authorities trying hard to get a point across are especially comical.

I’ve collected samples of funny signs from around the world donated by frequent travelers. From Cuba to Japan, Australia to New Zealand, These funny signs from around the world are guaranteed to make you smile.


Seen in a Beijing street.  No fighting!  No kidding!

stange and funny sign in China


Japan is famous for its sophisticated toilets and funny bathroom signs.  The country is a treasure trove of funny signs.

strange signs in Japan

Is this really a thing in Japan that there are so many signs warning against toilet peeping?  This almost looks like a sign saying “If you WANT a guy peeping over your bathroom stall you should come here.”

Peeping sign in Japan

Found on the back of a bathroom door in front of the toilet in Yangoon, Myanmar.

funny sign from Myanmar

Leprechauns are REAL!  They can be seen all over Ireland.

funny signs from Ireland

Talek blogs at Travels with Talek 


These are some of the funny signs you see in Taipei, Taiwan

This sign has no existential angst. Where else would you be?

strange sign in Taiwan about where you are


Please reserve toilet for non-dumping activities.

Stange and funny sign in Taiwan about bathrooms

This is a tough one. You don’t know if its sexist… or what?

funny sign in Taipei

Beware the English interfacing gangsters!

strange sign in Taiwan about gangsters

Nick blogs at Spiritual Travels


Here is one sign which really surprised us in Tokyo metro. It states, that explosives like ammunition and dynamite are allowed on board.  In other words, you cannot have MULTIPLE sticks of dynamite or LOTS of poisons and weapons in the metro, but a few of these…well…OK.

Funny signs from the Czech Rep about explosives

Matej blogs at Czech the World


Sometimes you can get a good deal on a combo pack in China; a beer and a local chick.

Funny sign in Chinese restaurant

Self explanatory in Sri Lanka. There were many missionaries in the country during its colonial times.

Funny sign from Sri Lanka about directions

Jacqui blogs at Flashpackingfamily

This was taken in the deserts of Namibia where most of the the area is sand.  …Duh…

funny sand from Namibia

Jacque blogs at Safariafricana


All of these places on the directional signs really exist. Imagine giving your address as “The Garden of Eden.”

Sign saying Paradise in Tasmania

Angie blogs at Where Angie Wanders


Now here is a photo that, when taken just at the right moment, made a silly statement. Auckland, New Zealand.

Funny sign from New Zealand about Faculty Arts

Carole blogs at Travels with Carole


This sign is at Rainbow Village on the outskirts of Taichung, Taiwan and is drawn in the same style as the rest of the art in the village. It’s right under a mango tree, which I guess often catches people unaware with its falling mangoes!

OMG! The mangoes are coming, the mangoes are coming.  Watch out!

Funny falling Mangos sign from Taichung, Taiwan about hazardous mangoes

Wendy blogs at The Nomadic Vegan


We had waited until late afternoon to visit the very popular Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea. As we were strolling around and admiring the pretty architecture we saw this sign outside a drink shop which was now closed. I do wonder what peach lice tea would have tasted like!?

Funny sign from Korea about menu choices

Anna blogs at My Travel Scrapbook


In Mexico, the repercussions of ignoring city directives against urinating in public are a bit extreme.

Funny sign in Mexico about urinating in publilc

Sean blogs at Living Out Lau


Some signs in China are very polite

Funny sign from Xi'an China about video surveilance

Stephanie blogs at Explore More Clean Less


This photo was taken in Singapore.

In Singapore, you will find that there are a lot of rules and that durian is a popular fruit (despite the smell)!

Funny sign from Singapore about fines

Francesca blogs at Homeroom Travel


Here is a sign in my local park in New Farm, Brisbane, Australia. It is quite near the city’s most popular theater and entertainment complex, The Powerhouse ( a converted power station) so there a few theatrical type signs in the area.

I’ve walked past it thousands of times and it still makes me smile.

Notice sign in Brisbane, Australia about noticing signs

Sandy blogs at Greece Travel Secrets


These are some of many examples of bad spelling in English and weird translating in Korean.

The ‘it’s my sack’ sign was from a train station in Seoul selling various snacks.
strange sign from Korea
“Narcotic hotdogs” are popular in Korea and this was a sign outside Damyang Bamboo Forest in Korea. They’re addictive, like a narcotic.
Funny hotdog sign in Korea about hotdogs
The elephant sign was inside a men’s bathroom in Korea on Jeju Island. I’m sure you can guess what it means…
Funny bathroom sign in Korea about bathroom behavior

Joel blogs at Joel’s Travel Tips


Outside a bar in Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe, this restaurant requires a strict dress code.

Funny signs from Guadeloupe about dress code

Sarah blogs at A Social Nomad


Taken in a bar in Havana, Cuba. They often have supply issues and you rarely get what you order, but at least this bar is honest about it!
I think the legs with spiked heels are weirder than the menu. Like, what’s the connection?
Funny restaurant sign from Cuba abut confusing menu selections
Jo blogs at  Lost Wanders
This photo was taken in May 2015 outside the toilet beside Lake Bled in Slovenia. I had to laugh because the sentiment seems to be a world wide one.
Funny sign in Slovenia about men and women
Jan blogs at Budget Travel Talk
Photo was taken in Shanghai, China.
The sign encourages bathroom users to save toilet paper. Translation: “I don’t want to be skinny for no reason. Please don’t use more than necessary and protect the environment.”
Toilet paper in China
Jess blogs at I’m Jess Traveling

This picture was taken inside a women’s bathroom stall at an office in Luxembourg.

The office where the picture was taken is multi-national and not all nationalities know to brush the toilet bowl after a poo if marks are left.

Funny sign from Luxemburg

Jennie blogs at Where Jennie Goes
The photo was taken in Iceland during one of the hikes we did. How close are you to nature?
funny sign from Iceland
Darek blogs at Darek and Gosia
Seen in subway in Istanbul, Turkey
sign in Istanbul, Turkey
 Photo credit: Denise Bartel
On a bus from Saigon to Siem Reap. Subtle instructions to not defecate.
Sing on bus in Vietnam
Photo credit: David Bishop
I wouldn’t know how to knock the bell. Seen in Austria
Sign in Austria
Credit: Janet Jaffee
How slow is mall slow? “Go Mall” means “slow” in Gaelic.
Sign in Ireland
Credit: Katrina Rowe
Apparently there was an issue with parents allowing their children to defecate behind this theater prompting this sign.
Sign in China
Credit: Vivian Young
Seen in Bali, Indonesia
Sign with misspelling from Bali
Photo credit: Lori Bousfield
Confusing health instructions.
Confusing health sign
Wondering what to do with your husband while you go shopping?  Worry no more, bring him to this cool place in Alaska.
Husband day care funny sign
Can’t get enough of these funny signs from around the world?  Here are loads of hysterical signs in these amusing books.

Do you have examples of funny signs from around the world?  Let us know in the comments.


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