Monreale Cathedral

Monreale Cathedral


The jewel in the crown in this part of Sicily is Palermo, the capital.  But eight kilometers southwest of Palermo there is another little, can’t-miss gem quietly existing under the radar; Monreale.  You could either visit Monreale on your way to or from Palermo or stay in Palermo and visit Monreale as a day trip offered by various tours.

Monreale’s highlight is its 12th century cathedral, an unusual and spectacular combination of Norman, Arab and Byzantine architecture. The cloister is unique with a traditional gothic layout but with Arab decorations. Several nobility are buried in the cathedral surrounded by intricately carved marble monuments inlaid with precious stones.  

There is a little plaza right outside the cathedral with several run-down looking sidewalk restaurants. It is there that I had the best meal in Southern Italy, a pasta and seafood dish flavored with truffles. The smell alone was worth the price.

Seafood pasta with truffles.

Seafood pasta with truffles was the best meal on this trip.

By the time we left Monreale we had just enough time to see one spot before reaching Palermo. We decided to stop in Cefalu on the northern coast. I can only imagine what we missed by not seeing the west coast but we had no choice.


Cefalu is a cute, medieval, coastal, tourist town.  If that doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement, it may be because it was here I was accused of stealing towels in our hotel.  We were checking out when the hotel maid sidled up to me and, in a low conspiratorial tone, whispered something I did not understand.  Confused, I thought she was asking me if I had seen the hair dryer.  Eventually I figured out she was asking how many towels were in the room when I arrived and why there was only one now.  As I’m not in the habit of counting towels I did not have a ready answer and actually found myself offering to open my luggage to prove I had not stolen the towels.  Meanwhile this bizarre conversation is taking place in public with fellow guests looking at me accusingly while I swear I’m not a towel thief. I got out of there fast thinking this whole thing might have been connected to some sort of travel scam.

Despite the towel incident, Cefalu is worth the stop. The town has a string of restaurants on the water with spectacular views.  The water is still warm enough to swim in even in late fall and they have a couple of small but engaging museums. The cathedral is also beautiful. We were lucky enough to see a wedding while we were there.

Tell me about your worst hotel experience.  

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