Gifts for travel lovers are easy to shop for! Looking for that special gift for the travel lovers in your life? We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for frequent travelers and people who love to travel. Whether you’re buying a gift for the holiday season or any other special occasion, there’s something here for everyone!

30 Best Gifts for Travel Lovers

AncestryDNA Test Kit

Frequent Travelers who love going to places also love knowing where they came from. Inspire them to travel to the land of their ancestors by giving them the AncestryDNA test kit. It’s one of our favorite gifts for frequent travelers by far!

Read about the experiences of people that traveled to explore their ancestry with Tracing Ancestry Through Heritage Travel.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - AncestryDNA Kit

Travel Planner

Plan the ultimate trip with this stylish travel planner.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Travel Planner

World Map

Keep track of where you travel with this wall-sized map. Just scratch off the places you’ve visited to reveal what lies beneath!

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - World Map

Space Saver Compression Bags

Pack more in less space with these space saver compression bags. I love these.  The only issue with this product is that you’ll save so much space that you’ll be tempted to over pack.  And you clothes will arrive as unwrinkled as you packed them! Learn more packing secrets with Packing Light and Smart.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Compression Bags

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Here is one of my best travel tips.  Pack a hanging toiletry/cosmetic bag like this one and use it only when you travel. That way you never have to pack a new one every time you go somewhere.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Hanging Toiletry Bag

Packing Cubes

Keep your belongings neat and tidy in your suitcase with this set of packing cubes. These zip-up fabric containers come in a range of sizes, sometimes with a mesh covering to see what’s inside. They come in a range of colors to suit your fancy and are guaranteed to keep you more organized.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Packing Cubes

Convertible Travel Pillow

This memory foam travel pillow isn’t just for your neck. You can use it to support your back, shoulders, feet, and more.


Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Travel Pillow

RFID Blocking Travel Wallet and Passport Holder

Keep your money, credit cards, passport, and even your smartphone safe with this travel wallet and passport holder that you wear around your neck. The RFID material is a bonus because it protects your personal information from identity theft.


Gifts for Frequent Travelers - RFID Travel Wallet and Passport Holder

Knock Knock Pack This! Pad

Never forget what to pack with this comprehensive and organized checklist. There are even spaces for adding your own items!

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Pack This Checklist

Day Pack

This day pack is durable and will hold just about anything and everything a frequent traveler could need for their adventure travel.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Day Pack

TSA Approved Travel Locks

Keep your personal belongings safe from theft with these TSA compliant locks. These are better than the ones with a key because if you lose your key you are in for a heap of trouble.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Luggage Locks

Smart Luggage ID Tags

Created by ReturnMe, the #1 lost and found service in the world, this travel ID tag will help you track your belongings and return them to you if they ever go missing.  Why did it take so long to invent this?  And why didn’t I think of this?

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Smart ID Tags

Personalized Shoe Bags

Keep the rest of your luggage from smelling like stinky shoes with these monogrammed travel shoe bags.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Personalized Shoe Bags

Fast-Drying Microfiber Travel Towels

Can’t beat these fast drying towels good for so many uses when you travel. I use it for a quick hair dry and for squeezing the moisture out of washed clothes before I hang them to dry.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Travel Towels

Travel Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pockets

This infinity scarf with hidden pockets is one of our favorite gifts for frequent travelers because it is stylish and functional, all at the same time.  Use it to keep important things like money, keys and passport accessible yet out of sight. Cover your head when in religious locations like churches and mosques. Keep warm in air conditioned locations, like planes, and so much more.

It comes in many colors and is a nice accessory that you can mix and match with various outfits.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Infinity Scarf with Pockets

Compression Socks

Who says compression socks need to be boring? These are not your grandmother’s compression socks. They come in all sorts of fun designs and colors so you can do your next long-haul flight in style.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Compression Socks

Laundry Detergent Sheets

If you’re familiar with my Tips to Save Money While Traveling, then you know that avoiding hotel laundries is one of the biggest money savers.  These laundry detergent sheets make it that much easier.  No need to carry bottles of detergent with these eco-friendly yet effective detergent sheets. Just add water, and voila!

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Laundry Detergent Sheets

Disinfecting Wipes

Airplanes are one of the dirtiest environments you can find yourself in. Use these to wipe down table trays or even your hands when soap and water aren’t available.  These disinfecting wipes are good for so many things.  Believe me, you will find yourself in many situations where you will wish you had some.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Disinfecting Wipes

Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is key to maintaining your health when you travel. These silicone water bottles roll up when not in use.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Water Bottles

Refillable Silicone Leak-Proof Travel Containers

Use these silicone travel containers to take your toiletries and stop worrying about leaking shampoo and conditioner all over your belongings.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Toiletry Bottles

Power Bank for Your Phone or Tablet

Another one of our favorite gifts for travel lovers is this portable power bank. When you can’t find an outlet to recharge your cell phone or tablet, use this power bank for a rapid recharge.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Power Bank

The Kindle Fire Tablet

Read books, watch movies, and play games while waiting for your flight or during your flight on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, a travel lover’s ideal companion.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Kindle Fire Tablet

Cord and Electronics Organizer

Keep all of your cords – and your travel lover – organized and stow your electronic devices in this all-in-one cord case.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Cord Organizer

Clip-on Wide Angle and Macro Lens Kit for Your Cell Phone

If you don’t have a full-size camera, no worries! This set of macro and wide-angle clip-on lenses help you take high quality photos without having to lug around all of that camera equipment.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Cell Phone Camera Lenses

Wireless Portable Travel Router

Turn any wired Internet connection into a wireless connection with this travel router.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Travel Wireless Router

Universal Power Adapter with USB Ports

Tired of carrying around a set of power adapters when you travel internationally? Look no further! This all-in-one adapter works in 150+ different countries and comes equipped with 4 USB outlets to keep your smartphone and other rechargeable accessories charged and ready to go. Ideal for travel lovers.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Universal Power Adapter

18-in-1 Wallet Ninja Credit Card-Sized Pocket Tool

Travel lovers adore this little gadget. This pocket tool is like a Swiss Army knife without the knife, which you could never board a plane with unless you wanted to spend some quality time with airport security.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Wallet Ninja

Personal Alarm

Personal safety is of utmost importance when you travel. Carry this small but mighty personal alarm with you in case you find yourself in an unsafe situation.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Personal Alarm

Travel Journal

For those who’d rather write about their travel adventures than type, this refillable travel journal is just the ticket.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - Travel Journal

Airbnb Gift Cards

And last but not least on our list of gifts for travel lovers is a gift card to Airbnb. They can stay at a local apartment or house rather than a hotel for the full immersion experience.

Gifts for Frequent Travelers - AirBnB Gift Card
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