The best things to do in Ronda include exploring its culture.

Are you spending some time in Ronda or embarking on a day trip from Malaga to Ronda or Marbella to Ronda soon? 

Do you enjoy hiking in nature with a cool breeze on your face? Are you a big lover of history and architecture, or even better; historical architecture? 

As one of Andalusia’s most picturesque and historic towns, Ronda offers all of these things.

Whether it’s a single-day trip to Ronda, or including Ronda in a road trip, you’ll have the opportunity to experience everything you love or introduce you to a whole new passion.  

Explore Ronda’s Historic Sites

Everything about Ronda is iconic, from iconic landmarks like Puente Nuevo to historical sites like the Mondragon Palace. 

Puente Nuevo, or the New Bridge, is Ronda’s most emblematic monument. Until 1839, this bridge built between 1751 and 1793, was the highest in the world.

You need to cross this bridge, which runs over the Tajo de Ronda River if you want to travel between the modern and historic areas of the city. 

Then, there’s Puente Viejo, which is known as the Old Bridge. This is the second oldest of the three bridges that run over the Guadalevín River.

The bridge was built back in 1616 and it’s only open for pedestrians. 

Finally, there’s Puente Romano, or the Roman Bridge, which is the oldest of the three Guadalevín River bridges.

This bridge, which is also known as the Arab Bridge or Puente Arabe, has been standing since the end of the 14th century.

It used to serve as the main entrance to Ronda through the Arrabal Viejo neighborhood. 

Seeing the New Bridge in Ronda is among the best things to do in Ronda
Puente Nuevo or New Bridge in Ronda

In addition to these historic bridges, Ronda is home to the Mondragon Palace.

This popular attraction was also built in the 14th century and it used to be the home of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella after they conquered the town.

Over the years, many influential people, including governors and nobles, have stayed in the palace. 

Today, you can visit the palace, which is now known as the Municipal Museum, to learn about Ronda’s history.

Plus, the views of Sierra de Grazalema and the Moorish courtyards are just too beautiful to miss. 

If you’re in Ronda, you should also stop by the Arab Baths or Baños Arabes.

The complex is divided into three main zones (cold water, warm water, and hot water) and it’s where Moorish locals used to go to cleanse their souls, spirits, and bodies.

A significant detail about these baths is that the hydraulic systems that were built in the 13th or 14th century are still intact. 

Visit Ronda’s Museums and Galleries

Ronda is also home to some of the best museums and art galleries. 

This includes the historic Ronda Bullring Museum, which is one of Spain’s oldest bullrings.

Visiting the Ronda Bullring Museum is among the best things to do in Ronda
Ronda Bullring Museum

It’s located in Plaza de Toros de Ronda, where you can learn everything there is to know about this popular (and very old) Spanish tradition. 

There’s also the Museo Lara, which you’ll find in Casa Palacio de los Condes de las Conquistas. It’s a medieval castle that features the strange collections of Juan Antonio Lara Jury.

I say strange because some of the displayed items include historic torture devices and taxidermy mashups. 

If you’re looking for something more in line with normal, the Joaquin Peinado Museum is a better choice.

This museum features a collection of Ronda Joaquin Peinado’s most beautiful works. 

Outdoor Activities and Natural Beauty

As I said before, hiking in Ronda is also an option. That’s what the magical Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park is for. 

The park is home to some exciting discoveries, like the deepest vertical cave in Andalusia.

You’ll get to explore a labyrinth of caves and enjoy views from some very high peaks, with the highest reaching well above 2,000 m. 

If you enjoy scouting for plant species, you’ll have a ball here. The national park houses more than 1,500 plant species, including the tallest Spanish fir on the Iberian Peninsula. 

If you don’t want to visit the park but you’d still like to explore Ronda’s natural treasures, you have some other options.

For one, you can see a lot of the surrounding countryside from viewpoints, like Mirador del Puente Nuevo, Mirador de Aldehuela, and Mirador de los Viajeros Románticos. 

For the adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies, there are some fun outdoor activities.

You can choose to go horseback riding through the streets or opt for cycling high up in the mountains.

Garden view in Ronda
Ronda Garden View

Culinary Delights and Gastronomic Experiences

Nestled in cozy spots between architectural treasures and rich history, you’ll find some cozy restaurants and tapas bars that serve nothing but traditional Spanish culinary perfection

Ronda’s culinary scene is a beautiful artwork woven from pieces of Andalusian cuisine and local specialties.

One of the must-try meals that you can find at nearly any good restaurant in Ronda is Rabo de Toro. It’s a stew made from oxtail that’s simmered in tomatoes, red wine, and sherry. 

You’ll notice that tomato plays a big role in the Andalusian diet, as two other local delicacies, known as Salmorejo and Tostada con tomate, are both made from this juicy red fruit.

Then, there’s gazpacho, a blended vegetable soup, and carrillada, a meal made from slow-cooked pork cheeks, dishes that Spain is famous for. 

Ronda is also known for its marvelous wines that come from the Ronda wine region.

You can take a tour through any of the historical wine cellars, where you can also sit down to enjoy a culinary masterpiece paired with the best wines, like Romé, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. 

Seafood Paella
Traditional Spanish food is hard to beat

Where to stay in Ronda.

Transportation Tips: Malaga to Ronda and Marbella to Ronda Day Trips

If a day trip to Ronda is in order, you need to know the best ways to get there. Fortunately, you have some good options. 


The train from Malaga doesn’t offer a lot of options as there’s only one train that can take you to Ronda.

It leaves once per day at 9.10 am and tickets start at 11.90 euros per person going one way. 

There are no trains that run from Marbella. 


If you’re coming from Malaga, you’ll be able to find a bus at the main station. However, the trip is quite long (up to 3 hours) and it costs 13 euros per person. 

If you’re coming from Marbella, you can hop on any of the 5 connections that leave the main station every day. You can expect to travel for just over an hour for just 7 euros per person. 

Rental car

You can always choose to rent a car that you can use for the duration of your trip. In this way, you’ll be responsible for any extra costs but you’ll have total control over when and where you travel. 

Organized day trip

If you are going on an organized day trip that you booked online, you don’t have to worry about transportation. Just make your way to the meeting point and the trip organizer or guide will take you from there. 


Ronda is charming, beautiful, and a must-see. You can’t visit Spain without visiting Ronda, and you can’t visit Ronda without stopping by some of the historical landmarks, like the Bullring Museum, the baths, and the palaces. 

Get ready for the Spanish adventure of a lifetime, pack your walking shoes and your camera, and book your trip. Ronda is waiting. 

Love Spain? Learn more about it and immerse yourself in the culture with these useful materials.

What are your thoughts on the best things to do in Ronda? Let us know in the comments.



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