When this self isolating is over and I can walk out into the streets of my beautiful New York City, I will explore and appreciate the City like never before.  You never realize what you have until it is suddenly, so suddenly, no longer available to you.

We asked other frequent travelers what they really longed to do after self isolating for weeks on end. What wonderful answers we received!

Experience my hometown – New York City

I want to explore the vibrant neighborhoods of Manhattan and linger in Harlem jazz clubs, Greenwich Village cafés and Upper East side museums.

I want to sample the dizzying ethnic variety of the City’s restaurants and catch some obscure performance in one of the tiny theaters down side streets off Broadway, and explore off-the-beaten-track NYC attractions.

I want to head to Times Square that, for all its blatant commercialization and in-your-face-over-the-top tackiness still packs a neon-infused volt of energy unlike anyplace else on earth.

Its been a tough quarantine.  Its painful to listen to the news.  The anxiety and uncertainty is exhausting. One way to deal with it is to imagine where we will be and what we will be doing when this self isolation is over.

It helps to mentally transport ourselves to a more pleasant circumstance where we can eat in a restaurant, shake hands, hug or dance like normal human beings.

We’ve asked frequent travelers, now grounded, what they long to do when self isolating is over. Some choose traveling to exotic locations and adventurous activities, others prefer simple family time, all fantasize what they will do when self isolating is over.

I hope these imaginings help you too to escape to your own fantasy land if only for a little while.

Night view of New York City

Talek blogs at Travels with Talek


Go on an epic family trip

Once the covid19 crisis and self isolating is over, I am most excited to go on a huge, multi-generation trip with my entire family!

I was in charge of planning it for this summer but I’m afraid our plans will have to wait. It’s intended to be a celebration of my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and all 3 of us kids and our families are excited to get together in one of our national parks.

Being separated from family is hard and I so look forward to exploring Olympic National Park’s rainforest, tide pools, hot springs, and mountain views with all of us together once we can safely do so without endangering ourselves or the folks working there!

I think getting outside is a great way to connect and have room to talk and be amazed at natural beauty together; we’re hoping it will make some really special memories for everyone involved. Read more about how to plan family trips here!

Olymic National Park when self isolating is over

Stephanie blogs at Exploremorecleanless.com


Tick off my son’s #1 bucket list destination – Denmark

Our big trip this year was supposed to be to Denmark after visiting Malaysia. Now that we have had to cancel, it is definitely the place we most want to go when self isolating is over.

This is because going to this country is my 8 year old son’s #1 bucket list item. He is fascinated with Vikings and we are looking forward to visiting some great Viking attractions and museums. He is also a huge Lego fan and is very excited to visit the home of Lego in Billund where he can learn more about the history of Lego before enjoying the huge theme park and accommodation grounds. We had booked a Lego Ninjago cabin which is his idea of heaven.

My husband and I are excited by the prospect of exploring Copenhagen and relaxing in its cafes and restaurants while trying the local food. It looks very different to modern Australia where we live and we love the history which will surround us in this city.

Visit Copenhagen when self isolating is over

Sharon blogs at DiveintoMalaysia


Attend a polyglot conference in Mexico

October 2020 is the annual Lang Fest and Polyglot Conference, this time in lovely Cholula, Mexico. The conference is an amazing gathering of language enthusiasts from around the world.

My plan was to stay in Mexico until the beginning of November to experience Día de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This incredible celebration features beautiful, moving traditions and displays of folk art.

This is the first time this polyglot event is to take place in Latin America. It provides a unique opportunity for many locals to attend their first language conference. Intensive courses are available for Spanish and Nahuatl, an indigenous Mexican language. Attendees from around the world will break bread with new friends and old in the language of their choice.

Currently it is unknown whether the conference will take place as scheduled. If it is postponed, once the crisis and self isolating is over, my top travel priority is this inspiring event that unites language lovers from all over the world.

Day of teh Dead altar in Mexico

Ingrid blogs at Secondhalftravels  


Return to Kenya with my kids

When this self isolating is over I want to go back to Kenya. Kenya is somewhere I have been going to for 20 years. From the very first visit, the country, people and wildlife just stole my heart. Since then, I have returned to Kenya as often I can.

These trips stopped for a few years whilst I had children and I always said I wanted to show my girls this magnificent country before they started school. I took them this year for the first time at 4 and 1. Many people said we were mad but we had the most amazing time. We spent a couple of days in the city visiting the rescue centres and orphanages including the Sheldrake Elephant Orphanage where they met their adopted elephant.

Later we headed to Massai Mara which is a total dream destination. We spent 7 days on safari and the girls were in their element, they loved every moment of being in the bush and seeing wild animals up close. From there we headed to the coast and spent 5 days relaxing on the beach – such a great combination for a holiday.

On our return home, the first thing they said was, ‘we don’t want to leave, we want to go back’. As soon as I can book a flight, I will be taking the girls back!

Masai in Kenya

Anna blogs at www.twinsandtravels.com


Volunteer at an elephant sanctuary

This time has forced us to rethink what is profoundly important in life. We started our family gap year January 25th and were suddenly stopped in our tracks by March 15th.

Since we have been in lockdown, we have changed the goal of our family gap year. We have decided to not only be tourist, but to make a difference.
Our first stop when we can travel will be to an elephant sanctuary outside of Bangkok. We will be escaping to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, to volunteer and work with animals. This is an amazing organization that specializes in caring for previously domesticated or abused elephants and other wildlife donated  there.

Sadly, the illegal animal trade takes beautiful creatures out of their natural habitat for humans to use as domestic pets. Many of the smugglers cannot take care of the animals long term, so the foundations accepts and cares for any animal left outside of their gates.

If you are looking to help the foundation the day trips are phenomenal. You can interact with elephants ethically, and see the other animals that they care for. If you want to spend more time with the elephants there is an eco-friendly resort inside of the elephant enclosure. The city also has other fun things to do such as a water park, cooking lessons, temples, bat caves and beaches. If you plan to stop in Bangkok you will not regret stopping here.

Elephants at WFFT in Bangkok1

Corritta blogs at Itzafamilything


Visiting Petra

My dad was always an explorer. As a younger man he visited places many tourists wouldn’t go, like communist Yugoslavia or the Soviet Union. It’s this adventuring spirit that inspired me to tackle the World Heritage Journey, visiting every UNESCO World Heritage Site. But one of the places he wanted to visit more than anywhere else was the magnificent site of Petra in Jordan.

Although I dislike the phrase “trip of a lifetime”, particularly for well-travelled people, dad and his partner had booked just that – a three week luxury cruise from Mauritius to Venice, stopping at several places including dad’s life-long dream Petra. Sadly, their cruise was cancelled due to health fears just days before departure. They stayed home in Australia, and a week later dad passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack in his sleep.

Social distancing is difficult at the best of times, but when you can’t even hold a proper funeral or comfort grieving relatives, it’s even tougher.
But at least I know what our next trip is going to be when this self isolating is over. We’re going to visit Petra, and I know my dad will be with us in spirit.

Visit Petra when self isolating is over

Joel blogs at World Heritage Journey


Complete an artist residency at the edge of the Sahara Desert

I’d been planning a trip to Morocco for a milestone birthday since last fall. I was accepted into a four-week artist residency at the edge of the Sahara Desert, and my husband and I were going to rent a car and travel together first for 2.5 weeks. Aware of the growing health threat, I told the residency director that if things started to look bad, I would cancel the residency and go back home with my husband.

After only four days in Marrakech, we were shocked to learn how quickly the worldwide situation had deteriorated. Morocco was shutting all borders and we had 24 hours to find a way out to the USA, who had in the meantime closed its borders to flights from every layover city. Frantically searching online, we miraculously found a direct flight to USA for the next morning.

As soon as it’s safe, I hope to fly back and pick up our itinerary where we left off. I already had all the accommodations chosen, and had to cancel them. So it will be easy to simply call them all back up and rebook. The route is already planned, and we have airline credit from our canceled flights. I may not be able to do the residency, but I was greatly looking forward to the other sights on our route. We had a wonderful time in Marrakech, and can’t wait to strike out for the ksars (Moroccan fortresses), mountain passes, flowered valleys and the star-canopied desert.

palace_Otherpeeps in Morocco

Shara blogs at SKJ Travel


Reconnect with an old friend in Canada

Unlike many travellers, I got lucky. Timing was in my favour, and I managed to avoid having plans disrupted by the current crisis. I’d just got back from two stressful and exhausting work trips to Mexico either side of a month-long holiday to South Georgia and Antarctica, so my travel funds and my energy were both completely depleted. My plans were simply to stay home, finish my current work contract, save money, and then reward myself in June with a trip to Canada to see one of my closest friends.

Leah moved back home to Ottawa 18 months ago after four years in London. Since then, we have kept in touch regularly via WhatsApp and video calls, but of course it’s not the same. She even got married last year, and I was unable to attend the wedding. At Christmas she came back to visit family, but I was in Antarctica. So we’d decided that in June I would travel to Canada, where we’d have joyful reunion in British Colombia and explore the beauty of the Rocky Mountains together.

Of course all those plans are now on hold, but I’m still hopeful. As soon as we are given the all clear, I’ll be straight onto the internet to book my flight. I can’t wait to enjoy the natural wonder of Canada’s great outdoors, and more than that, to give my best friend a huge hug!

Visit the CanadianRockies when this self isolating is over

Bella blogs at Passport and Pixels


High altitude trek in the Himalayas

In India, the entire Himalayan range has a lot of destinations to visit for travel enthusiasts. The mountainous range is home to umpteen number of travel experiences just waiting to be explored. Be it staying in a quaint homestay to looking at star studded sky while camping. The experiences are endless given how vast it is. One of the best ways to experience the Himalayan range is via trekking.

There is a plethora of treks available throughout the Himalayan mountain range. But, the kind of treks that I love are above 12,000 feet and takes 7-8 days to complete. The reason of my preference is they really let you indulge nature and take you through so many terrains that you can get a handful of fantastic experiences to cherish for life. If the trek is shorter, then I feel unsatisfied. If longer, I stop falling in love everyday with the experience. Yes, the fundamentals of marginal utility concept apply here as well.

I have done a few high altitude treks in past. The highest being 21,000 feet+; Stok Kangri Trek. The most beautiful Trek was Rupin Pass Trek. It’s been a while since I ventured out for a similar trek. I had it all figured out for this year. I was going to opt for The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. But suddenly, my plans were ruined. Well, hope things settle soon and people become safe. Once we’re back to normal, I will gleefully jaunt towards starting a starting point of a High Altitude Trek.

Trek the Himalayas when self isolating is over

Umang blogs at Travelmax


Camp in the Omani desert

It’s been a few months since my last trip and it might be a few more until the next one. These past weeks have been worrisome, to say the least. Nonetheless, as with everyone else, I hope that the light isn’t too far ahead.

Once I’m able to travel again, I’d love to head back to Oman and camp in the desert. After spending a month in the country, I fell in love with its rocky mountains, gorgeous coastline, and vast desert. Having spent two weeks isolating at home, I long for the freedom of immersing myself in nature again.

There are many reasons to visit Oman. For one, I could find goats and donkeys wherever I went. Camels were especially common around the country. Whether you’d be walking along the beach or exploring one of the small Omani villages, it’s quite routine to spot a camel or two lazily strolling the streets.

Frankly speaking, the idea of heading back to the desert and befriending some laid-back, beautiful animals has me wanting to book a flight soon! But for now, I shall binge on travel documentaries and books to curb my craving 🙂

Camels in Oman

Daisy blogs at Oman Travel Guides


Tour Brazil with my family

Once all travel restrictions are lifted, I’ll finally visit my family in São Paulo, Brazil; I haven’t been there since 2018.

I had plans to visit them in spring, but given the current crisis, I canceled the vacation to Brazil, along with all other trips before and after that.

It hurts my heart deeply because I miss them so much, but it’s better to be patient now. So as soon as we can all travel again, my mom, sis, and I are going on a real vacation through Brazil’s coast, starting in Rio de Janeiro.

We want to visit Rio not only because of the breathtaking landscapes but also to support locals. Rio depends heavenly on tourism, so this is a tough moment for the city’s residents.

So when this is all over, we are going to spend some quality time sipping drinks at the beach. After all, we deserve some time together, outdoors, and enjoying life- can’t wait for it!

Visit Rio when self isolating is over

Bruna blogs at I Heart Brazil


Luxuriate in Greek culture

Whenever it will be possible to travel, I really long for a trip to Greece and do some boat hopping between the islands. The Greek islands offer a relaxing experience with a mix of quaint villages and some of the best hospitality in the world.

I also long to go for e lengthy walk along the beach. That is something that will be possible to do in Greece as well as many of the islands are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

I miss the Greek food, and even though there are Greek restaurants you can order from around the world, it’s not the same as enjoying authentic Greek cuisine in a local tavern in a small village on an island in Greece. I’m very much looking forward to the day when it’s possible to embark on a flight to Athens and from there take the bus to Piraeus harbor and explore the Greek islands once again.

Visit Santorini when this self isolating is over

Christine blogs at Christine Abroad


Celebrate a family milestone in South Africa

The year 2020 marks 200 years since our ancestor, Jeremiah Goldswain, arrived in South Africa in the first wave of the 1820 British settlers. It was meant to be the year we held a big family reunion in South Africa to celebrate this.

Jeremiah’s story started when he left Marlow in England in 1820. He wrote detailed chronicles of his life which have been passed down the family and have more recently been translated into modern English. They detail his experiences dealing with inhospitable terrain and hostile encounters with local Xhosa tribes and lion attacks.

He settled near Bathurst in the Eastern Cape and set up his building trade. One of the buildings he built is the Pig and Whistle in Bathurst. It is the oldest pub in South Africa and well worth visiting if you’re in the area.

We love to take our kids on safari and it’s a happy coincidence that he once owned the land that is now owned by Kariega Game Reserve near Port Elizabeth.

South Africa will be the first place we visit when the travel restrictions are lifted. Although we will be celebrating 201 years instead of 200 years, we’ll be celebrating with family which is what matters most. In the words of South African Tourism, we can #meetsouthafricalater.

Pig and Whistle in Bathurst built by Jeremiah Goldswainabc


Jacquie blogs at FlashpackingFamily


Explore my own backyard, New Zealand

I’m a Kiwi, but I left NZ back in 2017 to move to London, and then left London mid-2019 to travel full-time around the globe. I’d always planned to move back home down the line, but I had travel plans for elsewhere until at least the end of 2021. Unfortunately, our plans had to be put on hold.

April was meant to take me to Sri Lanka and Japan, however I’m currently sitting in my childhood bedroom at my parents’ house hoping that the sunny weather will stick around after our national lockdown has lifted, so I can use this time to explore my own backyard.

New Zealand is at the top of bucket lists all over the globe, but despite spending my first 25 years here, I’ve met many travellers who have seen more of my own country than I have. Our tourism industry is incredibly reliant on international visitors, so it’s going to be a struggle for the foreseeable future.

As soon as it’s safe, responsible to do so and this self isolating is over, I’m going to plan an epic NZ campervan road trip. It’ll take me across both islands, spending my money with small businesses and visiting destinations that I normally would’ve forgone for somewhere more ~exotic~ like a tropical island, a cultured city or a historical hot spot. I’ll search for the country’s best small-town bakeries, epic beaches, most thrilling outdoor activities and hidden natural gems.

I’ve never had the urgency to spend my money here, because it’s always an option later in life and because my money doesn’t go as far, but now I’m absolutely going to make the most of the situation and do my bit to help get our tourism industry back on track.

Visit New Zealand whenthi self isolating is over

Alex blogs at FindingAlex


Housesitting in Finland

What I really want to do as soon as self isolating is over, is to come back to Finland for a few weeks while doing house sitting there.

I completely fell in love with Finland 7 years ago, when I did my study exchange in Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi is a lovely city located at the arctic circle in the area called Lapland. It’s a perfect place for every nature lover. The place is filled with tranquility, reindeer are crossing the roads and if you are lucky, you can watch the amazing Northern Lights show right above your head during clear nights. And that’s not all! Wintertime is perfect for any kind of winter sports! Rovaniemi is a cross country skiing paradise, there are ice skating rings on every corner and the backcountry is great for snowshoeing. There is nothing better that finish the day full of activities in Finish sauna!

I really hope to find some house sitting there to save a lot of money because Lapland is quite an expensive area. We had the first experience with a house sitting in New Zealand and it was great! Looking after someone’s house, while they are away, is a perfect opportunity to get to know local life much better than just like a tourist. And usually, it’s not just a house to look after, but also some flurry darlings.

Girl with horse

Adriana blogs at Czech the World


Walk the Camino de Santiago…again

In 2017, my husband and I established a tradition of walking a different branch of the Camino de Santiago every year. This medieval pilgrimage route across Spain has seen a resurgence in popularity recently. Most modern-day pilgrims walk the Camino Francés, which starts — as you would expect — in France, and this was also our introduction to the Camino. We were immediately hooked and were eager to try out some of the lesser-known paths as well. The next year we walked the original Camino Primitivo starting in Oviedo, and the year after that we tackled the Camino de Madrid — a little-known route passing through nearly abandoned towns with less than 200 people inhabitants living in them.

This year, our plan was to go off the beaten track again and walk the Camino Olvidado, whose name literally means the “Forgotten Route”. Passing through the mountains of Cantabria, this route was popular from the ninth to twelfth centuries, when pilgrims hoped the mountainous terrain would ward off attacks by the Moors. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, there are also some outstanding Romanesque churches on this Camino.

But really, I’d be thrilled to walk any Camino, regardless of the sights along the way.  The long days of walking help me to clear my head, and the camaraderie with fellow pilgrims reminds me of the inherent good in human beings. As exhausted as I am by the end of it, I always feel rejuvenated when I finally reach Santiago.

A sign for the Camino

Wendy blogs at The Nomadic Vegan


Family return trip to Ireland

When travelling become possible, and self isolating is over, the top of my travel wish list is to return to Ireland for two reasons. Firstly, we are an Irish expat family now living in Portugal and it would give us a chance to see our family again, have some great meals and most importantly, get some much-needed hugs. Chatting via phone and technology just isn’t the same as being in a room with them, face-to-face, so some quality family time to celebrate getting through a difficult time will be in order.

Secondly, every year, when we holiday in Ireland, we always combine seeing family with exploring a new part of the country with our son. When you are living in the country you are from, you can take for granted that things are just ‘there’ and you can visit them whenever you want, but often people don’t go exploring.

Since our son came along, it has become very important to us to show him the country of his heritage while discovering new places ourselves.
So, a return to Ireland would serve two purposes which will be easily combine. A few days in Dublin with both sides of the family, followed by a road trip to the West of Ireland, which was next on our Ireland to-do list.

Bunratty Castle in Ireland

Cath blogs at Travel Around Ireland


Take day trips from Capetown

When travel opens back up again and this self isolating is over, I’m returning to Cape Town. Cape Town is my favorite city in the entire world for a multitude of reasons. First of all, the landscapes are stunning. Second, the locals are friendly and they make you feel at home. Third, there are so many fun day trips that you can take from there.

My favorite road trip to take is from Cape Town to Simon’s Town. It’s one of South Africa’s oldest towns and it’s picturesque. My favorite thing to do here is to head to Boulder’s Beach and hang out with the penguins in their natural habitat. After Boulder’s Beach, I head to get some fresh seafood.

There are plenty of delicious seafood eateries around the area, but I pick the ones with views of the ocean.

On the way back to Cape Town, I drive through Muizenberg and stop at the beach there. This is the perfect day trip from Cape Town that’s filled with fun things to do and gorgeous scenery.

Capetown beach

Disha blogs at Disha Discovers


Explore the Loire Valley by bicycle

One of the first trips I plan to do after this self isolating is over is explore the Loire Valley by bike. La Loire à Vélo – that’s its name in French – is an 800 km cycle route that follows the Loire River. This route is very well signposted, easy to ride – it is mostly flat – and along the way there are many beautiful attractions such as the Loire Castles but also typical towns, vine-covered slopes and unique atmosphere.

This cycle route is so popular that it has all the possible services like long term car parks, accommodation of all kinds, restaurants and also bike repair workshops.

Last year I did a first section on a long weekend, from Beaugency to Amboise, and I visited the villages of Beaugency, Blois, and Amboise plus the Château of Chambord. This year, I would like to continue from where I left off and go on exploring the wonders of this beautiful region.

The good thing about this trip is that we are most of the time alone on our bikes, in contact with nature and the villages in between are not crowded with tourists. Plus of course, there’s good wine everywhere!

Bikes in the Loire Valley

Elisa blogs at France Bucket List


Commune with nature and wildlife

Being cooped up inside isn’t easy for an adventure junkie, I can’t stop dreaming about all the places I want to go! When this self isolating is over and it’s safe to travel again, I want to head somewhere full of nature and wildlife.

After visiting South Luangwa National Park in Zambia last November, I can’t stop dreaming of all the wildlife on this planet. Seeing lions, elephants, and rhinos roam free was an unforgettable experience that left me wanting to discover more of this planet’s wildlife.

As I daydream about future wildlife encounters, Indonesia seems to pop up again and again. From the legendary Komodo dragons, incredible underwater marine life, and rare tigers on Sumatra island, there are so many bucket-list wildlife experiences in Indonesia. Not to mention all of the waterfalls, beaches, volcanoes, and hiking trails. It has everything a nature lover could want and I can’t wait until this self isolation is over!

When it’s finally time to travel again, a trip Indonesia seems like the perfect destination to cure my adventure wanderlust.

Elephants in National Park

Lora blogs at Explore with Lora


What will you do when self isolating is over? Where do you long to go?



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