Where to watch the World Cup in NYC? Every 4 years it rolls around… the culmination of the Beautiful Game. And you ask yourself the same question, where to watch the World Cup. As the excitement builds you want to make sure you see the games in a venue that appreciates the game as much as you do.  Here are a few of New York City’s favorite spots to watch the World Cup.

The New York Times has a cool take on where and how to see the game.  Choose your venue based on what country you are supporting.  Is Portugal your champion? Head to O Lavrador in Jamaica, Queens to see the game with other fans supporting Portugal.  If you’re rooting for Germany, then Goethe Institute in Gramercy Park is the place for you. These venues will not only have the game on, some will be offering specials if their team wins…and even if they don’t!  This looks like an event you won’t want to miss. Check out the article here.

Another NYC go-to source for cool activities is Time Out. Read their take on Best NYC bars to watch the World Cup here.

Here is a list of my favorites. These are tried and true locations where I’ve enjoyed many a libation and snack in a friendly vibe.  I hope to enjoy a World Cup game or two here also.

Where to watch the World Cup in New York City 


Cascabel seems to always be full and with good reason. The place serves up killer tacos and drinks. Add to that the World Cup and you’ve got a great combination.

Cascabel to watch the World Cup

Slattery’s Midtown Pub

Think Slattery’s Midtown Pub is serious about The Beautiful Game?  I think so. Great food, specials, a friendly vibe and all kinds of drinks makes this a great place to watch the World Cup.

Slatter's. where to watch the World Cup


A casual sports bar with tons of HDTV screens to make sure you never miss a kick during the World Cup.

Brady's to watch the World Cup


Duke’s is big and roomy with an extensive menu of classic diner food. You are bound to get a good seat to watch the World Cup no matter where you sit.

Duke's to watch the World Cup

Doc Watson’s

Here is the definitive Irish pub in New York City; Guinness, Irish stew, pleasant staff and the World Cup.

Doc. Watson's to watch the World Cup.


This Spanish tapas bar has 5 locations in NYC.  All have a cool vibe, serve authentic tapas and love the World Cup. Tip: Come early or you won’t get a good seat.

Boqueria to watch the World Cup

Five Mile Stone.

Two floors of great burgers, $1.00 oysters, craft beer and the World Cup. What more your you ask?


Where to watch the World Cup.

Lovers of “The Beautiful Game” have also recommended these locations.

Kent Ale House

Kent Ale House in Brooklyn has a hipster vibe, great food, craft beer and lots of big flat-screen TVs for watching the World Cup says Allison from Eternal Arrival. 

Bohemian Beer Hall 

Bohemian Beer Hall. Where to watch the World Cup

Karen of Wanderlustingk recommends The Bohemian Beer Hall in Astoria, Queen. This is a historic landmark and one of the last remaining German beer gardens in New York.  With the beer hall, you’ll find beer (of course), delicious pretzels, and other German food in addition to large screens, perfect for watching the World Cup. To learn more about Astoria and other New York City areas, especially if you are on a budget, click here.

Hope this list helps you to discover new favorite places and to never be without a place to watch the World Cup.  Do you have a favorite venue? We’d like to know.



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