Want to travel to Cuba and truly experience it? This is the guidebook for you. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate through all aspects of travel to Cuba so you can make the most of your time while in this unique and culturally fascinating country.


My passion for Cuba is evident in every information-packed chapter from the classic Havana itineraries you cannot miss, to the little-known gems pulsating under the radar in hidden Havana. Visit colonial military forts in Cuba’s eastern capital, Santiago de Cuba. Experience Cuba’s spectacular biospheres and animal preserves. Explore the French-influenced cities of central Cuba with their graceful architecture reminiscent of southern France. Sail the calm waters of underground rivers. Take salsa lessons, learn Spanish, cook a Cuban meal. It’s all here!

Book cover for Don't just travel to Cuba, experience Cuba like a local.
Beyond a mere directory of attractions, this guidebook delves into the history of Cuba from the pre-colonial days to the present. Special focus is given to understanding Cuba’s fight for independence from Spain and the Cuban revolution of 1959 along with its key participants.

This guidebook is packed with useful information, facts, and actionable tips:
• Updated guidelines on travel to Cuba for U.S. citizens.
• All you need to know about currency conversion.
• How to locate and reserve the ideal accommodation in any city.
• How to save money and travel comfortably anywhere within Cuba.
• Where and what to eat in Cuba from street food to top cuisine.
• Highlights of the major Cuban cities from Havana to Santiago.
• Walking maps of the key Havana neighborhoods.
* Directory of restaurants, galleries, attractions and music and dance venues in all key cities.
* Current scams and how to avoid them.
* Budgeting for your Cuba trip
* Over 60 full-color photographs

In addition to key tips and advice, this guidebook provides cultural insight gleaned from conversations with local Cubans from the bici-taxi driver to the attendant at a cemetery gate. Explore places and topics tourists rarely see like religious Afro-Cuban dance performances, the hottest jazz clubs in Havana, remarkable art museums and stunning natural beauty.

This extensive guidebook will save you time and money and help you truly experience Cuba.


In celebration of having visited 110 countries, I want to share my 110 best travel tips with readers. “110 Best Travel Tips” is a collection of actionable advice for travelers who want to learn tips for maximizing their travel experience. The book is divided into six sections; safety, transportation, staying healthy, packing light, saving money and, critically important, having fun!



The tips and hacks in this book are gathered from a lifetime of travel across the globe and answer questions like:

• What is the single most important tip guaranteed to save you money and headaches?
• What are the best websites to find and book cheap flights, and which should you avoid?
• How to breeze through airport security.
• How to reduce the effects of jet lag so you can start enjoying your trip faster.
• The best way to pack a carry-on and avoid checking luggage, even for a long trip.
• How to save money on meals and eat better for less.
• Where to get the best currency exchange.
• How to get around efficiently even if you don’t speak the language.
• Tips for never losing your valuable possessions while traveling.
• How to avoid pickpockets and tourist scams.
• Tips on how to break out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself into a different culture.

110 Best Travel Tips inspire readers to travel and explore experiences in interesting locations. To inhale the smells of a spice market in a Turkish bazaar. To marvel at the Statue of Liberty while drifting slowly past it on the Ferry. To view a sunrise on the other side of the world. It’s all about the experiences that will stay with you.

When asked why I travel, I respond “Travel makes you happy.” It just makes you feel good in a way nothing else does. Seeing a place for the first time is especially electrifying; tasting new foods, finding your way around, communicating. I believe that traveling outside your comfort zone helps you hone practical skills used in your day-to-day life like problem-solving, goal setting and communication.”

I’ve been traveling for a lifetime. I’ve lived and worked in places as diverse as Nigeria, China, Argentina and the U.K. Along the way I picked up the best practices for optimum travel that only a lifetime of trial and error experience can deliver.

110 Best Travel Tips shares these experiences with you and will inspire you to create your own unique experiences. These travel tips and advice will provide you with useful information to help you create unforgettable travel adventures.

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