Travel takes you out of your comfort zone. Memorable travel moments can be funny, wonderfully unexpected and transcendental.  Read about some of these moments from travel bloggers here.


I didn’t plan for it to happen the way it did. It all started with a screensaver that I downloaded to my laptop in 2013. It was a photograph of a stereotypical street somewhere in Italy. There was a brick wall lined with hanging flowers pots of various shapes and sizes. Pink, red, and yellow bursts of brightly colored flowers adorned each hanging vessel. It was simply breathtaking!

Travel Moments

Real Life Screen Saver

In 2015, I abruptly stopped and grabbed my husband’s arm as we strolled through the town of Spello, Italy. In the next moment, I found myself almost literally standing in the screen saver that I had longingly stared at for over a year. Although I had never been to Spello before, as I stood on that little cobblestone road in the Umbrian region of Italy, I felt I had made it home. I was on the actual tiny street that had popped up on my computer screen every morning for months.

The tiles hanging on the wall at the end of Via Borgo were handmade. They proudly proclaimed that this street had been the winner of the annual flower decorating contest for several years.

As I lingered there taking it all in, I felt this odd sense of accomplishment. Somehow I had managed to turn a chance image found on the internet into my reality. These days my screen saver randomly flashes scenes from places like Barcelona, Bali, and New Zealand. I figure, why limit myself? The world is a wide-open playground. My husband and I love planning the next adventure and encouraging others to make their travel dreams come true.

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It was my first solo hike.  I decided to hike Lake Baikal, in Siberia, from the touristy town of Listvyanka to the remote village of Bolshie Koty, approximately 20km away. I thought there would be others on the trail, but soon after setting off I realized I would be all alone. To make matters worse, I lost the trail a couple of times and continued forward purely on faith on what seemed like a well-trodden path ahead. Despite the stunning beauty and serenity of the lake, I was getting nervous as it was starting to get late.  I was ill prepared to spend the night in the Siberian wilderness. There was no signage or mobile coverage. After 7 hours of endless bends along the lake and false hopes of the village being behind the next bend, I finally caught sight of the first man made structures in hours. I picked up the pace and was soon greeted by dogs at the village. For the first time ever I was overjoyed just to see people even if I didn’t know them. I found the guesthouse where I had made a booking and suddenly all the anxiety was gone. I took a picture of the lake from the village just before the last bit of sunlight slipped away; the huge lake – largest, deepest, and oldest- immensely still, and a couple enjoying the tranquility of it all.

Travel Moments

Dusk on Lake Baikal

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We were in a rush to get out and see Angkor Wat but right outside the house I saw a monkey holding her baby.  Talk about your memorable travel moments! They were so cute that I took picture and gave the monkey a little piece of fruit.  That was my big mistake

When we left the house the following morning we saw two huge monkeys blocking our entrance to the road.  We shoed them but they didn’t budge.  We tried walking around them but they again blocked our path. We decided to walk straight through them making a lot of noise and waving our arms. Suddenly a monkey came from behind, jumped on my back while another grabbed at my backpack which contained fruit.  By now I’m screaming “get it off!…get it off!”. We ran to the road pursued part way by a couple of monkeys. I looked back and saw the mother monkey I had seen earlier looking at us. This was not cute anymore.  Clearly the mother monkey had alerted her cohorts to the presence of two human patsies that gave away food.  I couldn’t believe what had just happened.  You plan for many unexpected incidents on a foreign trip.  But who plans for a monkey attack!

Travel Moments

The culprits

Next morning we peeked out our window. About 15 monkeys started to amass in the clearing in front of our room.  They had actually been stalking us!  We nervously joked that we could never leave the room and would simply have to learn Cambodian and order take-out forever.  I spied the mother monkey with her baby. She was probably the ring-leader.   Suddenly the woman that checked us in the first day showed up with a large dog of unrecognizable pedigree. They walked toward our room and the monkeys dispersed long enough for us to get to the main road with our bags.

As we left, the woman told us that the monkeys sometimes get frisky if you feed them.  Yeah, right.

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I couldn’t wait to reach the Black Sea; I don’t know why exactly. Maybe once when I was very young I thought that it was black indeed and my childish curiosity still existed somewhere inside. On the right side of the road a hitchhiker’s thumb appears, we stop “-where are you going to? –Varna! –Us too!” Sometime later, two more friends joined the group. They were all going to camp on an isolated beach.  We passed through farms, vineyards and finally stood before an amazing landscape on the shore of the Black Sea. The hitchhikers invited us to join them and we spent a beautiful evening on the sand, along with the necessary equipment; wine, snacks, a big fire in the sand, a guitar, my ukulele; talking about life, dreams, goals, and getting to know each other.

Memorable Travel Moments

Black Sea Shore

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What are some of your most memorable travel moments?

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