Amazing Street Art Graffiti Around the World – Part 2

In Part 2 of street art graffiti around the world, you will see amazing displays in Serbia, Australia, Morocco, and more shared by fellow travel bloggers.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is home to one of the most vibrant street art scenes in all of Europe. You can even take a tour of Belgrade’s street art scene with some of the artists themselves! The art in Belgrade is very often colored by political undertones, which makes sense given the city’s recent past. But I was particularly enthralled by the vibrant colors of this piece, which (to me, at least) evoke a sort of connection between man and nature.

Nate blogs at Travel Lemming.

Melbourne, Australia

While ambling through one of the many hidden lanes and alleyways of Melbourne – I felt like savoring an infinite exhibit of wall art, open and absolutely free of cost. Among the vibrant gallery mostly showcasing the eccentric side of the city’s personality, what impressed me about this particular piece of art was how thoughtfully, using the canvas of colors, Melburnians had integrated a sacred reminder, an essential expression for life.

Melbourne, Australia Street Art

Melbourne, Australia

Arti blogs at

If you like this, you’ll probably like reading more about Melbourne here and here.

Casablanca, Morocco

I was walking through the old medina of Casablanca consumed by noise and flurry of activity. Another turn and I found myself in front of a wall bursting with colors. Behind the intense stare of a girl, butterflies were preparing to take off into the deep blue skies. A gust of wind flown a multitude of tiny crosses and splashed them against the wall. Forgetting about all mundane market activity around, I was admiring a whimsical world painted by a talented Moroccan artist Morran Ben Lahcen.

Casablanca, Morocco Street Art

Casablanca, Morocco

Credit: Elena Tchijov

Super Mario Street Art – Basel, Switzerland

Who doesn’t love Mario? I definitely do and I also really like these mosaic street art pieces you can find in Basel, Switzerland. Mostly there are mosaic space invaders, so this little fella on Uferstrasse in Basel felt like a really rare find. What’s really great about it, is that it is so small. Like so many good things in life, you can’t see it unless you pay close attention to your surroundings.

Basel, Switzerland Street Art

Basel, Switzerland

Thomas blogs at Trip Gourmet

Ipoh, Malaysia

On my fourth visit to Ipoh, I came across this new piece of street art. You’ll find it on the same building as Restoran Frens Corner Snow Beer (you can find this on Google Maps) near Concubine Lane. What I liked most are the details that are so Malaysia.

1. The man has his belly showing, a common sight during the hot season
2. The bamboo blinds, which you see around Ipoh old town
3. The text which has a sense of self-deprecating humour about them.

Ipoh, Malaysia Great Street Art

Ipoh, Malaysia

Jub blogs at Tiki Touring Kiwi.

Urban Spree – East Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s history over the years has seen many ups & downs, but it is impressive how the locals leave no chance at rebellion, awareness and expression through the many amazing street art grafittis, found in abundance across Eastern Berlin, including the Berlin Wall.

East Berlin, Germany Street Art

East Berlin, Germany

Parampara blogs at Awara Diaries.

Prague, Czech Republic

Street Art and Architecture in European cities are amazing and a treat to watch as it teaches us a lot of things in real life. I have discovered some amazing art and statues in the streets of Paris, Prague, Berlin and other European cities. One such art that strikes me the most is that of The Holy Mother holding her child and disciples lying beneath her and praying for grace.The statue symbolizes greatness and holiness and is a delight to watch and standing beneath the same for quite some time in the streets of this beautiful city is an epic and great memory.

Prague, Czech Republic Street Art

Prague, Czech Republic

Somnath blogs at Travel Crusade.

Ghent, Belgium

This image is located in Werregarenstraatje, a long alleyway dedicated to street art in Ghent, Belgium. This particular art caught my attention because it left me wondering if the central figure is the leader of the chaos all around or if he’s a concerned citizen mad at the chaos. I still can’t decide. That’s the greatness of art.

Ghent, Belgium Street Art

Ghent, Belgium

Kemkem blogs at Next Bite of Life.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg’s street art scene is on the rise. Artists, both international and local, are flocking to the mother city to colour the streets. One of the most remarkable street art pieces is named “Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem” and was done by an artist called Faith47. The work is a massive rendering of galloping zebras and can be seen from the street. It takes up a whole city block and was painted in the deserted lot after a huge department store was demolished a few years ago. We love it, as it showcases the connections between nature and big city life.

Clemens blogs at

Paris, France

The best Street Art in Paris is located in the 13th Arrondissement. Some years ago, the mayor of this district launched a program of giant murals made by famous street artists from all over the world. Most of these murals are concentrated along Boulevard Vincent Auriol and today street art is part of the landscape in this area. The picture shows a mural made by Seth (France) but there are other interesting murals by Sainer and M City (Poland), Vhils (Portugal), Kislow (Ukrania) OBEY (US), Inti, Maher, and Aner, (Chile), Ethos (Brazil), ZED (Tunisia + Morocco) and Jana & JS (France-Germany).

Elisa blogs at World in Paris.

Barcelona, Spain

La Carbonería is in Barcelona, Spain. It is one of the most famous pieces here. After the coal factory closed it became a famous “okupa house” from 2008 – 2014. The squatters living there helped save this building from demolition. Now categorized as a historic and artistic building, one of the most photographed buildings in Barcelona is once again abandoned.

Sally blogs at Luxurious Lifestyles.


When I visit cities, I like to indulge in numerous walks in every neighborhood. So Singapore was no exception, and one day I ended up on Everton Road where this mural painting grabbed my attention. I particularly liked this one because of its vivid images, the fact that this painted provision shop looks so real, and the people so alive. So next time you’re in Singapore, make sure you take a walk on Everton Road and find its cool street art.

Singapore Public Art

Andra blogs at Our World to Wander.

Valparaiso, Chile

The coastal town of Valparaiso is located 1.5 hours from the Chilean capital of Santiago. It is one of the coolest destinations in South America for those of us who are inspired by tasteful and free street art. Valparaiso has tons of beautiful street murals, pathways, and artsy staircases. Colorfully painted buildings dot the cityscape, along with artists’ studios and communities.

Halef blogs at The Round the World Guys.

Harlem, New York City, USA

This example of street art graffiti called my attention as it was reflective of recent tensions in the city. Street art has been one way for artists to express their thoughts and call attention to important social issues. I was born and raised in New York City and have seen Harlem rise to become one of the coolest neighborhoods around.  Today Harlem is a hotbed of cool jazz and a culinary destination.

Harlem, New York City, street art graffiti, protests, discrimination

Harlem, New York

For more about Harlem, read all about it here.

Talek Nantes blogs at Travels With Talek

Oaxaca, Mexico

I was wandering down the narrow streets of Oaxaca, Mexico, feverishly looking forward to catching my first glimpse of the wonderful Templo de Santo Domingo when this young lady stopped me in my tracks. Mexico is full of great street art but there was something special about this one. The colours, the details and the longing look in her eyes evoked plenty of emotion in me.

Street Art Graffiti Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Mexico

Tim Tunnicliff blogs at Tunnocks World Tour.

These wonderful manifestations of street art graffiti can represent the human connection to nature, our need for self-expression and the never-ending pursuit of a better world.

Be sure to check out Part 1 of the Amazing Street Art Graffiti Around the World if you missed it.


    1. Yes, I agree statuary is a vital component of street art, and Prague has so much of it! Did you find the statue?

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